Saturday, August 31, 2013

When the Tide Turns

It just feels right.
God, in His infinite wisdom (because who am I to doubt), has decided to inundate me with writing opportunities. And for this, I am incredibly grateful.

I will be able to write from home. Or from the local coffee house. Or from a diner located off US Route 1 in Waldoboro, Maine. (Hello, Moody's!)

I will have to attend weekly staff meetings. Virtually. Which means I can totally wear jeans. Or nothing at all (as long as I have the web cam aimed properly).

I will get paid to pluck away at the computer. Learn things. Research. Share. Collaborate. Write.

I will be able to work late into the night or early in the morning or at any point in between when I deem to be the most productive to my employer.

I will be able to volunteer at the school. Throw in a load of laundry. Meet a friend for breakfast. Work on growing AVERYday Ministries.

And already, you guys? I have met the coolest, neatest, smartest people. People who smile. People who want to teach others what they already know and who want to continue to grow in their own understanding.

And the very, very best part of all? Listed as one of the official benefits is this: "Receive a company Starbucks card that's charged up every month."

Like, I can't even make this up!

And because my previous boss was a rock star and advocated for me to get paid throughout my resignation notice period without having to actually return to the office and work, I've been getting paid from my old job and my new job!

I feel like God finally said, "you know, Bridget. Let me make some good things happen for you."

And my hard work is my way of saying, Thank you!


Unknown said...

I am so very happy and excited for you! Congratulations and the best of everything to you!! God knows what He's doing!

Carla Strating

Becca said...

So happy for you! It sounds perfect.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

This is very good news, indeed.

Janel said...

This is awesome news! A sure sign that you landed a good job is free food. Congrats!

Chiconky said...


Mary Easland said...

WOW Bridget!!! I love your news!!! You go girl. You totally inspire me.
Your pal from Beloit Civic Theatre....Mary

SparksFlying said...

YAAAAAAYYYYY!!!! Cheering you on from the West Coast :) So happy to read this post.

Brenna said...

YOU LISTEN TO ME, if you are sitting in Maine at a cafe, you have to get in touch with me. Period. I might be a stalker but I'm really easy to talk to.

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