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What's Your Cause?

" We live in a generation where girls are taught to be the complete opposite of a God girl, so hearing how precious her heart was stood out to me, and I knew I needed to share her story, if but briefly." Those were the words sent to me by NRT contributor, Sarah Fine . Sarah had just reviewed Jamie Grace's new album , Ready to Fly. And she made me cry. In her review, Sarah wrote about Avery. Why? Because the incredible Jamie Grace has included a very special song on her album: And while it is super cool to have Avery remembered by an incredibly talented Christian artist, what the true blessing is, is that people are starting to GET IT. It's all about God. Avery loved God more than anyone I ever knew. If you had known her, had truly known her, you would have been able to watch her walk down the hall holding hands with Jesus. You would have seen her pull out a chair and sit next to him at lunch. You would have heard her talking to him, telling him about

My First Trip to Haiti

I couldn't sleep last night. Just couldn't. In less than 24 hours I would be in the country Avery held so dear to her heart. Haiti. Avery's country . I would be travelling with multiple people who knew Avery, who loved Avery, who went to school with Avery, whose kids went to school with Avery, who never knew about Avery but heard about her after her death. I was 100% certain this trip was called by God, planned by God, sanctioned by God; there was something BIG on the horizon and I was going to do everything I could to run towards it and grab it with willing hands! Sleep? Forget about it. Instead, Matt slept while I busied myself with scheduling social media posts. Even in my absence from technology, I would make sure that people were reminded of our mission trip, that they would not forget the amazing work being done by Children's World Impact, that people would be reminded of the need to continue to help the people of Haiti. Photo Credit: Children's W

Seeing the Good Stuff

Someone asked me how I could possibly laugh. How on earth, they asked, could I possibly be happy? Don't be quick to judge; they have their own demons whispering in their ears, screaming during their dreams. They honestly just didn't know how it was possible. How is it, they wondered, that a soul can be crushed into nothingness and still be able to see joy? Easy. I told them. I swam in the Gooligans. When I was 10, my cousins took me to a state park in the area of Innisfail, Queensland. It was beyond magical. Surrounded by rainforest and natural waterfalls stood the clearest body of water I ever saw. I was only ten, but in my memory I swam in water as clear as the air around me. Like swimming in transparent silks and satins - it was absolutely perfect water. More perfect than I could ever conjure up in my own mind. I could look to the very bottom of the swimming hole - the water so clear I couldn't tell if it was six feet deep or six hundred. I don't know if

Finding Jesus

It's snowing now. We should really be shoveling the sidewalks before the city imposes its $50 fine for unclear walkways. Instead I'm standing over our bed, items spread out: a flashlight, two pairs of pants, a couple quick drying shirts, my Bible and a journal with pencils. And still I have too much. I'm not bringing make-up. That would be foolish. There is no need for perfume or hair dryers where I'm going. Even what I have - minimal by normal vacation standards - still seems way excessive. I pack gluten-free granola bars, since I am one of those people . Except I'm not. I have a medical condition that requires a special diet. If I don't eat right I won't be any help to anyone. And yet, how do you feel good about yourself with a bag full of food, walking into a country that has none? I stare at these items and think, "what am I doing?" I have no business going to Haiti. It is not my country. It is not my problem. I live here, in the Unit