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Re-Evaluate Your Rough Day

Job not going right? Feel unappreciated and overlooked? Spill coffee on your new cream colored tights? Hair look ridiculous? Sister mad at you? Mother-in-law hate your guts? Boyfriend forgot your birthday? Car trouble? Missed a doctor appointment? Loose filling in your tooth? Dog run away? Mortgage company misapply your payment? Speeding ticket in a known speed trap? Neighbor's garbage cans out for the third day in a row? Can't get those concert tickets last minute? The holiday "it toy" completely sold out? Coworker throw you under the bus? Client humiliated you in a very public meeting? Teacher called you in because of your kid's behavior? A simple misunderstanding morphed out of control? There's a whole culture watching you quietly: we're the Mama's who have experienced a level of rough that frightens you. We're the ones you say, "I wouldn't be able to live..." after hearing our story. We hear your complaints and read your posts and