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The Red Cup of Starbucks and Why as a Christian I'm Okay With It

Spoken words are just as powerful as printed ones. Sometimes even more so. The American Christian world, it seems, is losing its marbles over the redesigned Starbucks cups. Just in time for the holiday season, the company has intentionally decided to eliminated the words Merry Christmas from its new design. There are articles splashed across the interwebs of how this redesign is emblematic of the Christian culture cleansing of the west. There's been talk of boycotts. Of protests. Of a revolt! You know what I think about this red cup redesign? Good. Now, before you draft that hate letter to me, let me publicly declare that I am a Christian and I believe God sent His only son, Jesus Christ, to die for my sins. I also believe that maybe this red cup shake-up is getting under our skin as Christians because there's a truth there we don't really want to admit to ourselves. Because maybe we need the reminder to say it intentionally out loud more often, instead o

An Open Letter to the Girls who Bully Alexis

Thank you! No, really, I mean that. Thank you. Because if it weren’t for you – if it weren’t for the pain you intentionally inflicted and your desire to break one particular human spirit, the rest of us in this world might never have met such an incredible young lady. I was so angry when I saw the passionate post her Mama wrote . Reading about your behavior sent me spiraling back to the days when I watched my own daughter get bullied. I t made me furious to think of another child so close to my home going through the same thing.  Except I wasn’t as courageous as this Mama; I just sat quietly. I encouraged my daughter to let it go and watched her get more and more sullen and depressed because those girls never let up. I made a mistake back then. Mamas need to stand up. Because when one Mama stands up, other Mamas stand up with her.  I pray that you realize it’s time to let up. Then I started reading more about Alexis. Learning who she is --- and my anger quickly gave