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The Eighth Year

Eight years ago I paced alone throughout a house wondering where my daughters were. An inquisitive 3-year old boy as my shadow. I remember feeling so utterly alone.  I called their phones. I sent texts. I posted on Facebook. I called my sister. I called the police. I called my mom. I drove to the church. I called the police again. I walked in circles. I panicked. I prayed. I answered the door. And my world went dark. I broke down. I broke apart. I broke empty. I broke completely. I broke alone. Then I lifted my head and let God in. There has been countess blessings and so much incredible joy from sweet friends and absolute strangers! So much goodness! My heart swells just thinking of it all! The Avery House in Haiti. The 19 Days. The Avery Step You Take 5K. To this day I still meet people who say, "wait - are you Avery's mom?" Her story and her love for Christ has reached the hearts of people from all over. How could this be possible except for such a good, good God?  And