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On Living Life to the Fullest

Today is my 42nd birthday. Oh, to be 27 again! But only in body. Because in mind I was a complete mess. You don't realize it at the time. At 27 you think you've actually got it all together. It isn't until perspective aging provides that you realize you were about as stable as a kaleidoscope. Sure, 27 was full of fun times. Less responsibilities, more recklessness. A whole lot of gotta live life to the fullest! But there's something about maturing. Something about tackling another decade - or almost two - something about surviving friendship shifts and parent-teacher conferences and grief and incredible joy that allows you to finally realize that life isn't as simple as just whooping it up to live life to the fullest. It's more about living life fully with others . It's more about learning life fully through others . And it's all about loving life fully through all its tragic moments.  Living life to the fullest used to mean drinking on t