Tuesday, June 9, 2020

The Package

The other day a package, sent to me, from me, was delivered to my home.
Except I didn’t actually send myself anything.
So I had no idea what it was or who would send it or why they would.
Inside was an anonymous note referencing Avery and The 19 Days and I’m not including the note because the sender went through great lengths to remain anonymous and therefore I’m respecting that and no one will be able to scrutinize the handwriting.
Because it isn’t really about trying to figure out who sent it.
It’s about allowing yourself to just feel loved and cared for. In this case, allowing myself to just feel loved and cared for.
Because the truth is, I’ve been craving that for a long time. Years and years, really. And I kind of forgot what it was like - to just receive.
To just accept.
To just think about how someone, somewhere, thought about me and said, “I think she’d like this.” So they took out their money and purchased something that was perfect for me when they could have bought something that was perfect for them or perfect for anyone else in their life. And then they went to the post office and purchased a package to send it in and then paid for next day shipping in order to have it delivered to me.
Do you know how great it feels to be considered next day shipping worthy? Because I do. And it feels really amazing.
And on top of everything, this person essentially made certain that I had absolutely no obligation other than to simply receive and enjoy. I have no name to send a thank you card to. I have no name to reciprocate. I have nothing... except for this gift that was given to me.
There is nothing, absolutely nothing, expected of me in return.
Except to receive and enjoy. And to know that somewhere, someone believes I’m pretty wonderful.
And that makes me feel pretty dang incredible.
So much so, I can't wait to do this to some other unsuspecting soul.

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