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edward cullin it is

I am far too old to be crushing on someone born in 1986 (although Demi Moore has done much for the Cougar Movement), but let's just say if I were to be crushing on someone thirteen years younger than me, it would have to be Edward Cullin of Twilight fabulosity. I read the book in two days thanks in part to the Young Adult writing style and also in part to the fact I spent two glorious days sans children. The book left me full of those wonderful feel-good dreams of young love: "It will ALWAYS be like this!" aahhh.... So I convinced Matthew to go to the movie: Why wouldn't he want to spend his birthday taking me to a love story? It had action in it. I spent the next day running from packed store to packed store (darn those early Christmas shoppers) to get a copy of the second book of the series only to be let down time and time again. Who knew everyone else in the world has already read it? Who knew the 4th book was being released? I will get the book... in the meanti