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Why Year 2 is Harder

I made it to the One Year Mark. Actually, I made it beyond the One Year Mark because that was October 24th and we're past that now. Preparing for the One Year Mark is like experiencing the anticipation for the worst dentist appointment on the planet: you get sick and fidgety, you can't sleep, you have awful nightmares - and yet somehow you make it through the appointment with little awareness how you even arrived at it. You wake up and it's suddenly Day One of the 2nd Year; the clock flips over and a new countdown begins. I made it through because I was busy. I was busy planning and celebrating the First Anniversary of Her Death. I made it through because over one hundred balloons were released in her honor. Not just in the cemetery in our small town, but all over the world.   Photo Credit: Kimberly Barker-Ries I made it through because little children laughed and played just like normal kids do - and I can't tell you how good it feels to be around kids wh