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The Dinner Party Wedding

I've dreamt about my wedding for years. I've discussed it, talked about it, imagined it, and mentally made notes about what would be perfect for the day of my dreams.  When I was engaged (and I was engaged for many, many, many years before it became painfully obvious that we were never moving on to the next stage), we would lie awake and make plans about how amazing our wedding would be.  But it wasn't going to be a wedding others were used to. I tired of going to so many weddings where the church was less than half filled while the reception was filled to the gills. I felt sad that the thank God that's over  paved the way for a night of drunken chaos and debauchery. I did not want "remember when Ryan got so drunk he got in a fight with your niece's date?" or "can you believe Doug tripped over the ice sculpture and puked all over the dance floor" to be memories at my wedding.  The idea that all that primping and prepping for a seventeen-minute ch