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To the Kids Who Stand in the Back

To the Kids Who Stand in the Back: I see you. In fact, I search you out. As the group walks proudly on stage, my eyes bypass those in front in order to find you. Don't think for a second you are too far back, that no one in the audience notices you are there. Because I see you. My daughter used to stand in the back. When she was alive, she danced in the back row. She wasn't in anyone's spotlight but my own. But, oh, how she shined in that light! She wasn't the best dancer, and more than likely, you aren't either. But that's okay. In fact, in my opinion, that's more than okay. Because you're still doing more than the person who refuses to try. You're out there and you're doing it. You're doing it because you enjoy it. And that, right there, is everything. My daughter, Avery, who stood in the back with you, knew you, too. Even if none of the kids in the front row knew who she was, she didn't let that stop her from getting to k