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It's Flag Day and I Totally Forgot My Flag

Today is Flag Day, except I don't even know what that means even though I'm pretty sure I should. I just know that it says Flag Day on my calendar like it's a holiday but it must be a holiday nobody likes because (1) I still have to go to work and (2) Yahoo doesn't even have any clip art on their home page. I was expecting some little dude walking across the header to raise his flag. But there's nothing.

Had I noticed the un-holiday earlier I could've totally dressed up like Betsy Ross. I think she sewed a flag or two back in the day. Or I could've gathered flags and decorated my office. I can't now, though, because it's not like I have a bunch of flag fabric lying around the house. I do have some bed sheets. Maybe I could put those up in the office.

Anyway, I was curious as to what Flag Day is all about and why we don't celebrate it by having the day off, so I looked it up on Wikipedia... and was instantly reminded of my high school history class which totally explains why I have no idea what Flag Day actually is. (Sorry, Mr. Patterson, I know you tried.)

Anyway, there was a whole lot of information written but it didn't even mention Betsy Ross so thank goodness I didn't make a fool out of myself by dressing like her. Instead I should have worn a suit and tweeted a photo of my underwear because Flag Day is all about an act of congress.

Oh, and also the fact that Teddy Roosevelt was a complete bully. Thank you, Wikipedia, for sharing the truth about that 'carry a big stick' belief system he had:

1908, Theodore Roosevelt: Oral tradition passed on through multiple generations holds that on June 14, Theodore Roosevelt was dining outside Philadelphia, when he noticed a man wiping his nose with what he thought was the American Flag. In outrage, Roosevelt picked up a small wooden rod and began to whip the man for "defacing the symbol of America." After about five or six strong whacks, he noticed that the man was not wiping his nose with a flag, but with a blue handkerchief with white stars. Upon realization of this, he apologized to the man, but hit him once more for making him "riled up with national pride."

This act of national pride might just explain why in 1908 Teddy Roosevelt also declined to run for re-election. Coincidence? Perhaps not...


Johi said…
That story about Teddy Roosevelt is proof that some people need to be medicated. Same goes for any appearance of The Wiggles.
Happy flag day to you and thank you for alerting me of my daily reason to have a glass of wine tonight (but today is a HOLIDAY honey).
Ellen said…
Okay that was funny! Really Teddy did this? Can you imagine him doing that to the poor guy?

Thank you for my history lesson. I also can share this with my son who is on summer vacation but can still learn in the summer. I am sure he will appreciate this (hehehe!).
Becca said…
That is a fascinating bit of trivia. I'd have put our flag out if our idiot TX wind hadn't broken our flag's built in pole Memorial Day weekend.
HeatherB said…
Maybe more of our president's should take the law into their own hands.

Can you imagine something like that happening now? Barack just scooping up some crazy woman out of her car for texting and driving, putting her over his knee and spanking her? Or knocking out some reporter for mentioning Palin or Romney in the middle of His bleeping press conference?

Bush dodging the shoe and then jumping down from the lectern to beat that dude's a**?

Might make for better news stories than someone's self picture of his underwear.
Tina, said…
I wish I could say 'OMG! A US President made a complete A$$ of himself'.
Husband's company celerated Flag Day with a big pot luck lunch. That was the only reason he actually went into the office yesterday was for the lunch.

PS, got my journal and all today! Thanks so much! I have like twelve journals I currently write things in, someday I will combine all my thoughts from them all and end up with a complete thought.

Muddy said…
Theodore Roosevelt basically straddled the line between ridiculous and awesome. My favorite TR anecdote is how he was shot by a would-be assassin and insisted on giving his scheduled long speech before receiving medical attention. I wasn't familiar with the story you presented, but I'm not surprised that it happened.

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