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Fabulous Friday Giveaway: The Gift of HOW TO DO IT

I promised a giveaway and today is that day! And no, my dear snarky Readershippers, I am not giving away the last of my matching stemware.  Although that was a fantabulous idea and I'm kind of bummed I didn't think of it myself. I must be slipping.

Here's a hint:
I bet you're wondering what exactly that man is peering at...
and how he's going to help you DO IT.

As you may or may not know, I love to write. Ever since I won our 3rd grade Grandparent's Essay Contest on some bogus story I wrote about how my grandmother and I spent precious time together baking cookies and going out for lunch. It never happened people. I lied. Yet I won. Talk about an ego trip.

Since then I've filled countless pages of countless journals with real life reflections so that I'd have good material to use should I ever enter another essay contest. I have never thrown these journals out. In fact, they've continued to move with me during each of my 23 moves in the past twenty years. I have commitment issues.

I also love to read. As evidenced by my plethora of books piled high on shelves and on tables and in closets and under the stairs. I cannot bring myself to ever throw a book away. Blame the Nazi book burnings of Jewish literature and Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451 (although I never actually read that book, but I did see the movie and woah - creepy). Suffice it to say, I do not have book commitment issues.

And so, imagine my giddiness when I stumbled upon the new love of my life (and not just because they're located in Portland): Attic Journals, who, in their undeniable awesomeness, take hardcover books that were bound for the dumpster and recycle them into a journal that you could write in! They save books! They make journals! It's like freaking chocolate and peanut butter, people!

And then, just when I thought life couldn't get much better, they were all hey, do you want to have a giveaway? and I was like, duh! Yes! because this needs to be shared with the world.

And so, I give to you: The Fabulous Friday Giveaway, courtesy of Attic Journals:

I bet your mind was in the gutter.
It's a journal from a book on how to FIX things and MAKE things.
But you can write dirty if you want. It's your journal.

Included in the HOW TO DO IT Fabulous Friday Giveaway:

(1) Fantastic journal (so you can track how you do it)
(1) Alpha Pack (contains 3 of each letter in the alphabet; perfect for scrapbooking, posters, etc.)
(1) Garland (50 hearts and 6' of string; can you say too cute?)
(1) Card Pack (send a note on recycled pages - awesome!)

So, what do you need to do?


(1) "Like" my Facebook Page. Because large numbers make me feel loved.

(2) "Like" Attic Journals Facebook Page. They like to feel loved, too.

(3) Leave a comment on this here post telling me what the absolute worst book you ever read was.

I was going to have you comment about how old you were when you first discovered any hidden HOW TO DO IT books in your house but I figured that would be kind of pervy.

But in case you were wondering, I was about 10 and my siblings and I found a stack of Australian girlie magazines hidden in the back of my parent's closet. It was troubling.

It still is.

** I'll pick the random winner Monday, June 6th.  I know, the suspense over the weekend will probably kill you.


Shannon said…
So I can't tell the story about finding the Australian girlie magazines??

P.S. Thanks for bringing back THAT memory.

Worst book I ever read... I can't remember one. I'm sure it was some required reading from one of the courses I was required to take at some point in my meandering through the educational system. But I can't think of a title. Not one.
I blame it on the formerly repressed childhood memory that has been recently brought back into consciousness. (sigh)
IloveA.M.O said…
Worst book I ever finished, because if it's bad I'm not reading it, hands down The Notebook. I'm not into girly flicks, or books, but they movie was amazing, and I cried. The book was boring and I only finished it because I was sure somewhere it would get better.
holly said…
I really wish I could remember the name of the book...I can visualize the cover plain as day though. I read the whole thing (because I haven't NOT finished a book since I was16) then I literally ripped it apart and threw it away while Adam stared at me like I was an idiot. I told him it was horrible and I would not have it in my house, on my shelves for anyone to suffer through again. Maybe a little dramatic at the time, but that book was horrible.
Rebecca said…
Worst book I've ever read - hands down - Ethan Frome. The most boring book I was ever forced to read. I think my mind was bored into numbness while reading that one for some high school class. Seriously, how many paragraphs does it take to describe the shape of a house? (And it was a short book!) I'd rather read Dostoevsky 20 times before being forced to read that again.
Libby said…
The Celestine Prophecy! :)
Johi said…
I have to say the worst book I ever read was probably a toss up between The Redress of Poetry and basically any college textbook. Snoozefest... or maybe it was the booze. Whatever. Let me write an entire book of quoting other people... because THAT is truly WRITING... right?
HeatherB said…
Worse children's book - No, Dog, No! Shittiest thing I have ever seen. It pissed me off when I first read it to a 4 month old Z.

Worse adult book I ever read was The DaVinci Code - I really thought that I would feel smarter for having read it (back in the day, when everyone was touting it as THE greatest book) - but sadly, I felt jipped (still have the book though - I can't throw them away).
Tina, said…
Worst book I ever read The Odessy by Homer. Our English teacher made us read it int he version it was written in.


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