Thursday, June 2, 2011

I may have failed as a parent, but wait til you see my sausage!

I don't know what to write about because I'm entirely too old to pull emo off yet I'm incredibly emotional, angry and angst-ridden because I'm an obvious failure as a parent, and not just in the my son is going to be two in October but he's not potty trained yet... oh wait, he was actually born in September kind of way but more of in the my daughter will be facing the harsh realities of the world in two short years and I have taught her nothing kind of way.

Instead of analyzing what I have done wrong and what I could do right I'm just going to pray a lot and drink a bunch of wine at book club tonight even though I haven't actually finished the book. (Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese; have you read it? What do you think? Maybe if you post something in the comments I'll repeat it at book club so people think I read the book. But I might be slurring my words so don't use intense vocab, okay?)

In the wake of my blogger's block I'll leave you with photos of racing sausages because who doesn't feel better after watching a sausage race? Enjoy!

I totally had my money on the hot dog.

Everyone's focused on the race, no one sees the player
fighting with the ump.

People love their sausages!


Tina, said...

The Boy is headed into the world in two years and I'm in the same place you are. Prayer and wine seems to be helping, I'm sure one is helping more than the other; but they both make me feel better.

Ellen said...

The book "Cutting for Stone"...loved it! Keep reading it because it wove in and out and was a fascinating read.

I just got through reading another blogging about potty training. Even after 4 kids I can't give you a sure fire method. Each child has their issues...parents too. I had three who were almost three and one was over three before they were 100% out of diapers. It was not easy and what finally worked was "potty treats". Yes, I did bribery. If you peed in the pot you got a Hersey's Kiss. Yep..