Friday, April 8, 2011

I might not rock it now, but I will totally rock my future old folks home.

I worked out, y'all. I think. I mean, it felt like it but I didn't pay any exorbitant gym fees so I'm not sure I can call it that. Regardless, my legs hurt and I can't lift my arms, so I'm pretty sure I worked out.

Keep in mind I haven't participated in any form of physical activity since getting pregnant. (That sounds really funny but I am not going to change it.) My point is that: I am so lazy. I knew something had to change.

So on Tuesday I took an adult beginner clogging class. Let me guess; you have no idea what clogging is, do you? Here, with a little help from clogging sensation All That, allow me to show you:

My sister clogs. My oldest daughter was amazing - and then she quit because she's a teen and that's what teens do. And my younger daughter dances, too.

Silly me thought it's just a beginner class; how hard can it be?

I woke up with shin splints. For real. Which tells me that I am incredibly lazy and can expect one heck of a workout.

Being the martyr that I am, I then decided to go to Zumba on Thursday night.

Zumba? Here.... allow me once again to show you:

Here I am taking not one, but two dance related classes. And the irony is - I can't dance. And now I can't walk either because the Zumba made my calves hurt. Bad. And also my arms. Because when you dance you use them, too. In fact, there's always several body parts moving all at the same time, and in different directions, and very quickly, too. It's all terribly confusing. And painful.

I'm currently looking for something more in my league, if you know what I mean. Something like this:


Tina, said...

Clogging...wouldn't that be tap dancing?

Zumba...tried it. I am the most rythmically challenged individual in the states of Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas and Nebraska. It is very confusing, but then again so was the step aerobics class I tried. I will stick to the treadmill, it only goes in one direction!

Phoenix Rising said...

Technically, clogging is not tap dancing. It's much louder. Because those crazy people use 4 taps instead of 2... The heel and toe each have a stationary tap (like tap shoes) and then they each add a "swivel tap"... so you get a sound when the tap hits the floor, and also when the tap hits the other tap. It's LOUD. Also, all the dance steps have weird names like "the rocking chair" and "the Kentucky Drag" and "the pothole."

I'm anticipating a complete fail. I, too, may have to stick with the one-directional treadmill!

sue said...

hahhahhaa....oh my gosh. love the yoga in chairs!!!