Monday, February 21, 2011

Fiscal Responsiblity Prohibits Cool Vacuum Purchases

Obviously, you people don't know me because if you did you would know I'm not rich and therefore cannot afford a Dyson vacuum system and will be sweeping up the tumblehairs that amass throughout our house with the old fashioned straw broom I swiped from the janitor's closet at work. Just kidding. I didn't swipe anything from the janitor's closet at work because that would be stealing from the comppany and then I'd be fired and I need the health insurance so you might want to think twice about snagging those post-it notes on your way out. And also they don't even have old, twiggy brooms in there - they only have cool stuff. Trust me on this.

If you have no idea what I'm talking about, you'll have to pause for a second and read all about how vacuum cleaners hate me then you can come back and I'll tell you about how I posted that particular blog link to my facebook page and everyone was all you've just got to get yourself a Dyson! and now I'm all I really don't think remortgaging the house in order to obtain a vacuum cleaner is a responsible financial decision and also realizing I'm the poorest of all of my friends. (That's okay because I love them for who they are as a person; not the expensive wine they provide at Book Club.)

But getting back to that janitor's closet; although there were no straw brooms in there to steal, I found this:

 The Coolest Vacuum Ever!

And now I want one.
You probably want one now, too.


Rebecca said...

I love those things - people use them on the stairs around here all the time. Makes me want to put on a beige jumpsuit and say, "Who you gonna call?"

Becca said...

I could scare the pants off my kids with that thing. I think I need one.

Team Baribeau said...

I am in love with my KIRBY:) it's flexible, i can shampoo, clean tile, vacuum, hose..whatever. Refurbished $300 on ebay. LOVE IT!!! vs $1000 new.

Getrealmommy said...

I don't know. It looks heavy. I'm a first class wimp.

Johi said...

That is beyond awesome. It looks like a jet pack, and I have always wanted a jet pack.