Friday, February 4, 2011

A lot of snow fell and no one was murdered in my house which is a very good thing.

It started with opening my door and finding this:

Due to creative drifting we had about a seven inch space between the wall of our house and the wall of snow encompassing our house. Thankfully we live on the top of a slight hill; I've seen pictures where people opened the doors to their homes and the snow was over their heads. Crazy. I snapped this picture with my cell phone and went back inside.

Being stuck inside a confined space with a teenager for two days is not as much fun when you are no longer a teenager and can no longer find the fun in slamming doors, rolling eyes, stomping feet and yelling you're ruining my life! at the top of your lungs.

I can proudly announce that no one was murdered or seriously maimed in or near our house during the blizzard. Personally, that was quite an accomplishment.

While I was spending my snowdays making and consuming large amounts of chili, some people (crazy people, that is) were out and about in this nonsense. I believe this video says it best: 

Enjoy People Are Crazy by Martha Berner & The Significant Others. And if you don't know who Martha Berner is, you should. She is awesome. Just by knowing who she is you've upped your awesome points by at least 25.


Becca said...

That is remarkable. I can't imagine how things would be going here if my kids were too big for me to pick up and put in their rooms.

sillyolme said...

Where in WI are you? Im in waunakee, and it was pretty nasty... Im quite surprised I didnt kill anyone either. Between my mom, my sister, and my 3.5 yr old daughter, ALL OF US GEMINIS, it came pretty close.... May will be so lovely, in my own apartment lol!!

Rebecca said...

Funny, I just heard of Martha Berner for the first time today.

We had rolling eyes and stomping feet here too, but not a single teenage girl to be found...