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The Riot on the Bayou: MTV's way of letting me know I'm actually a pretty good parent.

Last night I accidently lost brain cells by getting sucked in to a show on MTV called "The Riot on the Bayou: My mother hates my boyfriend." The reality show followed the lives of Mama Tiff and Daddy Cain and their 4 children: Clint (19), Kathleen (18), April (17, and also the narrator of the episode) and Colette (16). They live in the bayou where it's legal to drink alcohol underage as long as you have your Mama's consent which means basically that all these kids were drunk the entire time.

Clint aspires to be a bull rider - he stayed up 2 seconds before he busted up his arm.

Clint: (several hours later) Why's it all green like that?
Mama: That's what happens when bones get broke. (walks out of room to refill beer)

Kathleen is pretty and all the guys like her. She used to date Nick but he was mean and treated her like crap and cheated on her so they broke up. Then they got back together after he saw her shaking her groove thang on stage at a local concert. Mama Tiff didn't like that at all because Nick was a jerk but everyone knows you can't stop true love. Then Kathleen cheated on Nick with Logan because I guess, in the bayou, you can love one person and kiss someone else.

Nick: Why'd you kiss him?
Kathleen: 'cause I was drunk!
Nick: But why'd you have to go make out with someone I got in a fight with?
Kathleen: 'cause I told you I was drunk!

Mama Tiff then hosted a party where both Nick and Logan would be in attendance and surely kick the snot out of each other. Don't worry, like any good mother she armed herself with a can of mace in case things got out of hand.

I could tell you more about the show, but the most important detail I want to get across to you is this: I could so be messing up my kids' lives worse than I already am.


Michelle said…
'Cause the dash don't be silent...
Bridget, I also accidentally got sucked into watching this same episode. I have avoided MTV since they stopped playing music videos (I'm dating myself here) and was merely trying to watch a Heart concert special on VH1 and that channel was fuzzy. I have nothing witty to add to your post - the show speaks for itself. I'm sure the show will continue on when the teenage girls get pregnant and/or have to go into town for antibiotic treatment at the Bayou's Free Clinic. I'm usually at work at this time, but I had surgery and have to veg-out on the couch. I'm going to force myself to turn this show off, but it's difficult because it's so funny. Sad-funny. I think I love this show with all my heart. I'm glad the parents are supportive of these children and letting them find themselves and allowing them to speak their minds openly. So much drama. My life is boring. Kathleen is practicing her acting right now by crying for her jilted ex-lover. Ok - Teen Mom 2 is now on. I must force myself to turn off the TV! Have prescription opiates taken away my self-control? If you keep blogging on this show, I may have the self-control to just read your Cliff Notes and avoid watching anymore!
Alex said…
I also got sucked in to this. I just thought, "REALLY MAMA TIFF?!" the entire time I was watching it.
I also KIND of wanted to see where they are now. *sigh*
steph said…
I have a friend who know the Theriots very well and I've met them myself. They're good people.
And just so you know, talking trash about them online doesn't make Louisiana's rep any better.
You don't even know these people and you're bad nothing them from something you saw on MTV. How ignorant could you be to believe everything you see on TV? For your information, the producers of MTV told them to wrestle in the stables and they cleaned them out first anyway. The producers also made sure Nick and Logan both went to that party, Mama Tiff clearly did not want them both there.
And even if some of it wasn't the producers' idea, can you really say that you never had a beer outside with family?
And yes, Mama Tiff does allow them to drink, but at least she knows where they are and that they're okay bc she can watch them...and the whole broken bone thing, well Clint is a big boy and Mama Tiff doesn't treat him like a baby bc she doesn't need to.
Scarlett Rosas said…
I love this show! I want more of it to be honest...
Jen said…
In my opinion this show was actually a breath of fresh air. Its nice to finally watch something different for once and most of all real people with real actions and nothing scripted and planned out like the fucking kardashians. Its also nice to see a family have fun and not give a flying f*ck. What made me really enjoy this show was the fact that they can have genuine fun and entertainment without the expensive material things in life; which MILLIONS of viewers at home spend half their day watching celebrity news and gossip thinking its real entertainment. I love this show! & everyone who sees this show otherwise needs to take that stick out their ass and live a little.

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