Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Move over, bed hog.

Big V's most prized possession is his California King Bed. Except it's not a California King, it's just a regular king, and no amount of fitted sheets can convince him otherwise. In typical male fashion (yes, I just said that) he wholeheartedly believes 'bigger is better' - never mind the fact when you squeeze that big of a bed in our smaller sized bedroom we end up totally rocking the Fat Man in a Little Coat Decor, which happens not to allow for end tables.

Some people would believe a king bed would make us happy, but it doesn't. There's actually too much room:
I wouldn't mind so much... I remember having to share a bed with my sister when we were little, but Big V doesn't get the whole "making sparks with the socks on our feet" thing that makes sharing a bed fun. He keeps thinking it's code for something else. It's not. I tried to teach him: hold the sheets and run, kind of like the sheets are the pavement - and soon you'll see sparks. But he sucks at making sparks. Well, those kind of sparks. Instead he tries something like this:

And I get all what the hell, buddy? We've got 76" here and a baby who wakes up forty-seven times a night. I want to sleep. As in close my eyes and slumber. Let's try it, shall we?

Some nights, after being shoved halfway off the bed, I actually walk over and enter the unused portion. But he's like a dog sniffing out bacon and within minutes he'll turn over and start moving towards me. (Note to self: quit wearing bacon perfume to bed.) Eventually I get tossed off that side, too.

Then there are the nights of the snoring. Which has been happening quite a lot lately. I usually just poke him.


You were snoring.

Well you have to turn it out more.

Turn what out more?

My clothes.

He's like Sleep Talkin' Man but without the accent. Or the humor.

Anyway, I'm thinking I need some sleep before I drift off in the office bathroom and can't be found for an hour or two because I really have issues with that floor. And I'm thinking my boss will really have issues with that nap. Perhaps I should trade out the king with a twin; same amount of sleeping space but at least the room will look bigger! (Look at me; it's like I'm trying to be positive.)

Still no sleep... but check out the new end tables.


alone ... with cats said...

I've only slept in a king bed a few times, and there is too much room! I just don't know where to put myself. Lying horizontally didn't help, either. Then again, lying is never the answer.

Johi said...

Ahhhh! Yes. Why must they touch us in our sleep? Cuddling is for suckers (and people without babies).

Becca said...

Ryan knows to stay away but Charlie is a SNUGGLER. I had to share a bed with him for a week's visit with friends and I was so exhausted I finally put some pillows between us one night. I woke up with him perpendicular to the bed with his head on my chest. The next morning he said "Someone put pillows across our bed, but I FOUND YOU!" Indeed.

Ellen said...

This is just hysterical! I really like the drawings and can totally relate to you!!! We have a Cal-King but have slept on an Eastern King which is suppose to be the equivalent of two twins pushed together. Talk about a wide bed....we spoon...except when I am having night sweats and then I am throwing covers off of me with a frantic sweep.