Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I totally blame Jersey Shore. The show. Not the actual geographical location.

I suppose I could talk about the big blizzard coming to Wisconsin, except that I live in Wisconsin and it snows all. the. time. I guess I've kind of grown to expect and accept that come winter time there will be times when we have to shovel actual snow, have the tips of our fingers fall off and cuss at your partner because he was supposed to pick up the milk and now we're all snowbound with no freaking magic to fill the baby bottles. Guess who's staying up all night with that kid? Not it.

Now, if there was some real newsworthy weather prediction to look forward to - like 90-degrees and sunny in February, I'd be as excited as the next person stockpiling sun block and the necessary ingredients to mix rum runners. But it's snowing in Wisconsin in February. That's nothing new. (Not-so-interesting fact: I have not owned a pair of snow boots once for the past 20 years. Can you tell I don't spend that much time outside in the snow? That means I don't shovel and I have all the tips of my fingers.)

Instead of discussing the weather, let's discuss a more challenging topic called What My Teen Daughter Ought to Wear to the Upcoming School Dance:

After that we can discuss Old-Fashioned All-Girls Catholic Boarding Schools Located in Wisconsin and Neighboring States and also Applying to the Nunnery After High School Even Though You're Not Catholic.


Becca said...

Oh my. Never been happier to have three boys. Good luck with the decision!

Nari said...

I have two teen daughters and have been through it all. They actually tried to leave the hosue last Halloween, wearing old costumes from when they were 12! What looked sweet back then, looked like some kind of stripper starter kit now.