Friday, January 20, 2012

Will Someone Please Get This Dad An Instruction Manual?

The note was printed on bright pink paper in bold letters: SCHOOL WILL BE CANCELLED TOMORROW.

I mean, I wasn't that surprised. They were scheduled for a half-day anyway - which, by the way, make no sense to me whatsoever. I'm a working mother; do me a favor and make me scrounge for one full day of daycare once as opposed to two separate half-days. And don't tell me they do anything that important on a half day. Half-days are spent watching videos and celebrating some obscure fact with soda and bags of barbecue potato chips. But for whatever reason the half-day was scheduled.

Since the Epic Snowstorm of 2012 was fast approaching [also known as the Remember You Live In Wisconsin Snowfall], school was cancelled.

But this actually worked out well because Big V had the day off! Yay!

But he said he had errands to do so I should probably find someone else to watch Dotter. Boo.

And the Nanny was still scheduled to spend the day with Cletus! Yay!

But she would probably be looking to go home early due to the snow. And the fact Dad was hovering around. Boo. 

However, the time of day would come when Big V would be home, and the Nanny would leave, and Grammy would drop Dotter back off because the roads were getting slick and this would mean that two hours before I was scheduled to leave work, Big V would be in charge of the children.

By himself.

Phone Call #1:  
Should I put Cletus down for a nap? Nanny just left and said he didn't nap. He usually goes down around 1:00 but now it's 3:00 so if I put him down he might sleep so late that then he doesn't fall asleep at bedtime but he's not crabby or anything so I don't know if I should try to get him to nap or not.

Umm.... do what you feel is best.

Phone Call #2:
Should I take the kids sledding? Dotter wants to go sledding and I don't mind going but I didn't know if I should take Cletus or not because I think it might be too cold for him. Do you think it's too cold for him? I could probably call the time and temperature; do you have that number?

Umm.... or you could just step outside and see if it's too cold.

Phone Call #3:
We just got the mail and there's an envelope with Dotter's name on it. Can she open it?

Umm.... yes.

Phone Call #4:
I just changed Cletus's poopy diaper and it was all green. Is that normal?

At that point I requested all phone calls be placed directly into my voice mail.


Becca said...

Haha, the diaper one is my favorite! I'm jealous of snow. It was 80 here today.

Johi said...

Love it!