Wednesday, January 4, 2012

"Maybe we can recycle kittens after they're dead."

In honor of the current and upcoming political nonsense...
(something about Sarah Palin's new hair style?)

and also because I work in government 
and this is (sadly) pretty dang accurate....

and also because I don't have anything to post about 
but this made me laugh out loud.
Like, really loud...

I've decided to share this video with you 
(which was shared with me earlier today by a pretty awesome lady 
who happens to live in a house the size of a Subaru, 
but that's beside the point)....

Green Bay City Council discusses kittens.

I'm cool. The hell with kittens. 

This blog is dedicated to my  seemingly one (and only) reader:
Johi at Confessions of a Corn Fed Girl

Because she actually missed my blog posts.

And then posted something on my facebook.

Which made me think:
 why does she have all this time to harass me on facebook?
Shouldn't she be practicing her guitar for her upcoming video blog?


Ellen said...

If this were real it would really make you wonder why there is a City that why they have meetings that are late into the night? So they can talk about kooky things? hehehehe!

I read you! I do, I do!!! I have to be honest and say the holidays really messed with my blog time. We all should take a break so that there isn't so much reading to attempt to do. I don't think I will every catch up.

Erika said...

I read your posts (and love them) - keep writing!

HeatherB said...

I used to read your blog but then I asked you a question about 7:01 and you never really answered and then the holidays kind of took over and as much as I really missed you - I didn't realize I missed you until yesterday when I checked to see if my feed was broken because it's not like you to leave us hanging for 2 weeks.

Anyway, I am reading, stalking, just not commenting as much since I got a new job and I am not sure how much they patrol the internet usage. I test it out a little more each day. :)

Rebecca said...

The hell with kittens indeed - where's the referendum?

I figured you were far too wrapped up in domestic bliss during your time off of work to blog. I'll keep commenting and pestering you to write if you do the same for me. (You seem to be the only one who reads mine.)

Kim said...

I've been reading!! We have missed you!!
I am totally ready for Johi's guitar 'pickin' video blog too! Or how about another song video from the well disguised gal from 'across the pond'? I think we should start a song request list for them both!!
and I think you should post of video of YOUR acting skills! :)

Phoenix Rising said...

Aw! Love you ALL so very much! I fell victim to whatever cold/flu/plague thing was going around this holiday season so I pretty much parked myself on the couch and prayed that someday I'd be able to type. So much fabulous reading to catch up on!!