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Fabulous Friday Giveaway: The Gift of HOW TO DO IT

I promised a giveaway and today is that day! And no, my dear snarky Readershippers, I am not giving away the last of my matching stemware.  Although that was a fantabulous idea and I'm kind of bummed I didn't think of it myself. I must be slipping.

Here's a hint:

As you may or may not know, I love to write. Ever since I won our 3rd grade Grandparent's Essay Contest on some bogus story I wrote about how my grandmother and I spent precious time together baking cookies and going out for lunch. It never happened people. I lied. Yet I won. Talk about an ego trip.

Since then I've filled countless pages of countless journals with real life reflections so that I'd have good material to use should I ever enter another essay contest. I have never thrown these journals out. In fact, they've continued to move with me during each of my 23 moves in the past twenty years. I have commitment issues.

I also love to read. As evidenced by my plethora of books piled high on she…

I may have failed as a parent, but wait til you see my sausage!

I don't know what to write about because I'm entirely too old to pull emo off yet I'm incredibly emotional, angry and angst-ridden because I'm an obvious failure as a parent, and not just in the my son is going to be two in October but he's not potty trained yet... oh wait, he was actually born in September kind of way but more of in the my daughter will be facing the harsh realities of the world in two short years and I have taught her nothing kind of way.

Instead of analyzing what I have done wrong and what I could do right I'm just going to pray a lot and drink a bunch of wine at book club tonight even though I haven't actually finished the book. (Cutting For Stone by Abraham Verghese; have you read it? What do you think? Maybe if you post something in the comments I'll repeat it at book club so people think I read the book. But I might be slurring my words so don't use intense vocab, okay?)

In the wake of my blogger's block I'll leave y…

Matching Stemware is SO before I had a family.

We drink from jars.

Not because I'm ultra-farmhouse-y in my stemware.

Not because I'm trying out shabby-chic drinking systems.

But because every single blasted time someone takes a glass out of the cabinet they break it.

For real.

And if they don't break it then, well, Big V will break it when it's his turn to do the dishes.

(Don't think I'm foolish; I know he does it on purpose... break the glass so that way he doesn't have to wash it. I know what he's up to.)

I'm down to two actual, real glasses. From a used-to-be set.

So now I just buy food products in jars.

And we drink out of used canning jars, jelly jars, pickle jars, fruit jars... you name it! If it's a jar we'll drink from it.

It's all about recycling.

And finding a way not to get totally ticked off that these cave people I live with break all my freaking glasses.

On a totally seperate note: I have something FUN planned for you... it's called a giveaway! Stay tuned for mor…