Monday, September 26, 2011

Baby's got his blue jeans on!

Big V and I went out in public this weekend and he decided to wear his best jeans. He likes them because they're baggy and long. Meaning that when he sits down the pant legs don't get pulled up into that elusive dorkus zone.

So he comes out in these:

And I tell him there is no possible way these can be his best jeans. But he insists they are. And I say, no, no they're not. And the 16-year old Fashion Diva also says no, no they're not. But he keeps insisting they are.

And so I took a picture (see above) and showed him and he said, "well... they aren't that bad" and I said yes, yes, they are. Because no matter how longish they are in the front they're stupidly short in the back. And I asked how the jeans got that way, which he shrugged off and said simply "the dog got them." Then he promised they'd look better with shoes. 

Except they didn't.

Guess who's getting jeans for his birthday?


Becca said...

Haha, that look was cool when I was in college!

Brenna said...

Did you show him this photo evidence? The shoes, they do not help.