Monday, July 11, 2011

Three Long Days

These are Big V's dirty socks.

He comes in from a long, hard day of sweating in his feet and rips them off.

At the door.

And then they sit there.

Until I pick them up.

But I haven't picked them up.

For three days I have not picked them up.

And for three days he has walked past them.

Over them.

Around them.

And yet I have not picked them up.

For three very long days...


HeatherB said...

I have been on that strike before. Amazingly, he will probably not even realize what you are getting at or that there is a problem.

Johi said...

I know all about this.

Tina, said...

At my house white socks are Husband's black socks are The Boys...the shoes are mine.