Friday, July 22, 2011

Personalize my Sharpie? Don't mind if I do!

I am amazed beyond belief.

And that doesn't happen often.

Except for that one time when I discovered the art of dipping Ranch Doritos in ranch dip. Blew. me. away.  This is like that, only with way less finger licking and much better breath.

See, I discovered that Sharpie will allow you to personalize your pens. Oh, yes. That means I can have a thousand Sharpies with my name on them! Which was never possible when I was a child, because my name can be spelled four thousand ways, none of which was ever stamped on a ruler, pencil or a bookmark.

But I digress.

Back to the personalizing of Sharpies.

Anyone who knows me knows I love me my Sharpies. I take special care in purchasing calendars and planners with pages thick enough to support the Sharpie. (You can't be organized with bleed through's, you know?) I get kind of territorial over my Sharpies, too. Hands off if they aren't yours, got it?

So, imagine my excitement when I learned I can put whatever I want on a Sharpie!

It was literally like Christmas in July! Because it is July. Duh.

Since the American Cancer Society Relay For Life was coming up (it's tonight) and I've been busy fundraising for the Walworth County Cloggers, I thought I would be full of love and selfless giving and try out the personalization option on them. Because what if it looked like crap? I can't use an ugly Sharpie. It goes against my beliefs.

I placed my order on Tuesday, July 19th.

Less than two hours later I received an email confirming that my order had been shipped.

WHAT?! But I wanted them PERSONALIZED!!!! Why would I pay the standard shipping fee for something I could pick up at Staples on my way home?!

I couldn't believe they mucked up my order.  I was so upset I sent Sharpie an email. It went something like this:

"Umm... yeah. So, I just placed an order for personalized pens and ten seconds later got an email confirming they've been shipped. There is no way you could have personalized them they way I wanted. Basically I just had plain pens shipped to me. Not cool, Sharpie. Not cool at all."

Ever eat crow?

The next day... yes, the very next day ... I pulled in the driveway as the UPS man was leaving. Guess what he left me? SHARPIES!!

Better than diamonds, right?
 And they were beautiful!  I even looked back at my order to see if I accidently paid for an overnight order; I didn't. Sharpie is just that awesome!

When does anything ever happen that fast? And to your expectations? I've waited longer at the doctor's office.

I'm giddy. I'm excited. And I had to share. And I was not paid to write this post. Sharpie doesn't even know who I am. Well, except as the person filed under "Oh, Ye of Little Faith." Sorry I doubted you, Sharpie. Forgive me? 

Next up: MY name!
On every single color they have.

Have you been surprised by the outstanding service of any big, major companies lately? Has any of them surprised you by exceeding your expectations? Or am I the only one feeling like they just won the lottery?


Tina, said...

Will they put *anything* you want on them? Like, maybe... "Get your own damn pen!"? or maybe just, "MINE".

It certainly wasn't at the post office this morning, (the good service that amazed and thrilled me enough to pee my pants).

wv: enalop

Ellen said...

How many colors does Sharpie make? I might just check their site out for fun.

I always seem to buy black though sometimes I find my dear hubby has bought blue.

Becca said...

I heart organization. And Sharpies and the way they always write on everything. Always! So, so cool!

Brenna said...

Oh, I love Sharpies! Best customer service I've had has been from Zappos. I once posted a joke about Omaha Steaks harassing me with their meat on Twitter and someone from Omaha Steaks tweeted me back within minutes to see if she could help.