Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Sometimes Less is Better Than More

The doctor took a long time listening to the baby's heartbeat at the last doctor's visit. A very long time. What was odd was that it wasn't one of those "don't panic but oh my god she can't find the heartbeat" kind of moments. It was more of a "Wow! There it is - nice and strong!" and yet there she was, instrument in hand, swirling and moving it over my exposed abdomen to listen to what? More heartbeats? Different ones? Faster... Slower... first on the left side... now on the right...

Big V and I exchanged looks... mine of panic... his of excited anticipation... and for what seemed like hours (but was probably more like two minutes) we waited silently as the noise of horses galloping took over the exam room.

Finally the Doc straightened up, smiled, and announced, "Nope. Only one in there!" (V was heartbroken; I relieved.)

My little Cletus the Fetus is such an acrobat that s/he wouldn't sit still and confused the doctor with its little shenanigans. What was briefly thought of as possibly two little fetuses was actually one little wise guy playing tricks, running a game of "catch me if you can!"

It is an active little fetus. Active to the point I asked if there was any correlation between in-womb activity and ADD. (She assured me there wasn't - after she laughed - but I don't believe her.)

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rachael said...

FOR THE LOVE OF GOD - and I speak as a mother of twins - COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS THAT THERE'S ONLY ONE IN THERE!!!! Don't get me wrong - I love my little stinkers. But you already know what having one is like. Therefore, you would know just how much harder having two at the same time is. Um, yikes.