Wednesday, July 8, 2009

And so this child shall remain nameless...

Swear to Jesus we'll be "those people" whose kid goes nameless for the first three years of it's life only to be forced to name it something, thus assigning it a number or the name "Baby."

Not knowing what the sex of the baby is we are forced to come up with boy names and girl names. (We can't keep calling the child 'Cletus the Fetus' - especially if it's a girl.)

The Big V and I cannot - honestly, cannot come up with any name we agree upon. I like different names, unique names - but not bizarre names. The two girls I currently have were named somewhat boy names.... but let's be honest, they were whimpy boy names. I like names that are recognizable yet will cause someone to comment that they've never heard that name and where did we come up with it. And so, I like names like "Elliette" (yep, just like Elliott for a boy) or Eisley or Tamsin or Aeslin. I like Tiernan and Henry (ok - that's after my grandfather, who, by the way, was the bomb-diggity of his time).

But the V? Does he like any of those? Oh, NO!

So what does he like?

Here is what he has suggested thus far:

For a girl: Blythe.

For a boy: Zanack. Or Zaynack. (It's a long "a" in the first syllable.) And Cage. Yes, that's right, CAGE. (Which, when compared to Zaynack doesn't seem to bad.)

And so, this child shall remain nameless...

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