Friday, July 17, 2009

Hands Off, Punk

I bought a personal pan pizza and breadstick meal at the gas station for lunch yesterday. Except my stomach can't fit that much food, so I ate one piece of pizza and the breadsticks with the spicy nacho cheese before warding off the heartburn.

This morning I was sitting here working on the most boring review EVER which included such things as fuel tanks and lake water, while trying to block out this elderly gentleman who had been droning on to my co-worker for the past twenty minutes about how things were done forty years ago, when I started getting dizzy.

Oh, boy. Got to eat... I know! MY LEFTOVER PIZZA!!!

I must admit I was salivating something fierce while skipping to the lunch room fridge... but 'lo and behold MY PIZZA WAS GONE!!

Every so often this guy in the office gets a cob up his butt where he throws anything and everything that isn't important to him away. As in, "I don't need it - it's gone!" Not just food, mind you, but things like files, reports, correspondence, etc. Does he ask anyone if they still need something? No. Does he consider that someone else might have a need or a use for something other than him? No. Because he is God and the world revolves around him.

Now you've got a dizzy pregnant chick who can barely fit in her pants pissed off because you chucked her food. Game on, asshole!

After lunch today God Wannabe was taking out the garbage. This was three hours AFTER I learned he had thrown my pizza away. He called out to me, "Hey! Your pizza is still in the box and wrapped in the bag you put it in if you want it... it's still good; it's not like it got garbage on it."

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