Friday, March 11, 2011

If James Lipton can be a pimp, YOU can be ANYTHING!

Last night I happened upon a rerun of Saturday Night Live where Will Ferrell pretends he's James Lipton, the old dude from Inside the Actor's Studio and I died because (1) Will Ferrell is funny, and (2) James Lipton is funny - even though he doesn't try to be, you know?

And as I was dying Big V was all I don't get why that's funny and who is he pretending to be anyway? And I was all he's JAMES LIPTON!

The real James Lipton.

But Big V had never heard of James Lipton because he's never heard of anyone who hasn't ever played in a professional sport; such is life with V. Still, I couldn't stop laughing.

Will as James.
 And then I posted a question on Facebook wondering whether or not James Lipton was on Twitter because I'd really like to follow a guy like James Lipton and a friend of mine responded:

Did you know he was a pimp? Not like a pretend pimp, but a real, actual pimp in Paris?

And I was all HUH?!

I saw an interview with him about it. It was so weird. He wasn't like a hit you with a coat hanger pimp, he just kinda took care of the transactions. I'm sure the interview is on Youtube or somewhere.

And I was all HUH?!

I used to think he just oozed failed actor, but it turns out he gave off the essence of smoooooooth pimp. I am now a huge fan.

And sure enough, another friend posted that he, too, had heard James Lipton was a pimp in Paris and so apparently this is old news that I never knew about but now I know and I just can't get over it so I'm sharing it with you because if James Lipton can be a pimp then YOU can be ANYTHING you put your mind to. The possibilities are endless.


Rebecca said...

So I can be Wonder Woman after all!

Brenna said...

You just blew my mind.