Thursday, March 24, 2011

Go ahead and fall in love with him.

My boy.

Who has the best laugh in the world.
Especially when he's throwing pieces of banana all over the place.

Who loves taking baths.
Especially since he has learned how to create tidal waves that flood the floor.

Who loves his 9-year old sister.
Especially when he manages to pull hunks of hair out of her scalp.

Who loves to gives hugs.
Especially when he can bite a chunk out of your shoulder at that same time.

Who loves his Mama.
Especially with all her grey hair coming in and that exasperated look in her eyes.

1 comment:

Johi said...

Yep. Adorable. They make kids that cute so that we can deal with all the other stuff (i.e. biting). :-)