Thursday, July 1, 2010

You Should Eat Here. It's That Simple.

Midwestern life includes farming. It's just the way it is. And on farms, you get fed. You get fed real good because they need you to keep working, and let's be honest, a plate of raw fish is not going to get you to stack hay in a 300-degree haymow for very long.

Lunches (or dinners, as they're called) on the farm is simple: You sit down at the table and you eat what was cooked. There's no pesky decisions to be made; no choice of appetizers, no "put that on the side, please"- just good, wholesome, food on your plate, waiting to get et. Those were the ways of my youth.

Fast forward to the present, when my main meal of the day usually comes bagged by some pimply kid in a dorky hat. I missed the old farm lunches. I missed the love the food was made with. I missed the wholesomeness and the way the food stuck to my bones....


It is with my pleasure (and a certain amount of giddiness)
that I introduce you to Sharon's Sweet Shop.
A little restaurant in the humble Village of Sharon, Wisconsin.

Yes, it is worth the trip.

Want to know what's for lunch?
She writes it on the chalkboard that stands outside!
You don't get a choice.
You just eat what's for dinner.
It's that simple.

The place is small. And quaint. And cute. And welcoming.
And it has a piano.
(And no one plays Chopsticks. Ever.)
And it has homemade soup.
As in, I didn't open a can to get this Cream of Broccoli soup.

The day I went, pork chops were being served.
They were juicy.
And delicious.
And there was a homemade roll.
That was straight from the oven.
And my butter melted.
Like heaven.

I'm not sure what the Loaded Garlic Mashed Potatoes were loaded with,
but I loved them.
I loved them more than my children.
(Not really. That wouldn't be very mother-of-the-year like, would it?)

And if you're not yet convinced to try this place out...

then you haven't been introduced to her homemade dessert.

I call this:

Americana On A Plate

and also


Let me know when you want to meet for lunch.
I'll save you a seat at my table.


sue said...

my parents saw this place the last time they were in Sharon, but couldn't remember the name of it! they were across the street and went over to check it out, the woman (whose from Alaska?!) who owns it was closing up but talked to them for a bit. i TOTALLY have been wanting to go there, but had no idea where to find it or what it was called. YAY!! great find.

Phoenix Rising said...

The owner is a hoot! I think she's open only for lunch (possibly breakfast, too). She's got great stories - and a great heart!