Thursday, June 11, 2009

Waist Band Blues

Is it a bad sign when the maternity pants dig into your gut to a point it's impossible to sit comfortably? These would be the hipper "under belly" model khakis. Good Lord. To compensate I've unsnapped and unzipped the pants, and pulled on my big, fluffy winter sweater I keep at the office to wear when the inside temp drops to a cool 67 degrees. It's big - and long - and sufficiently covers my now open pants. How professional am I?

My stomach sticks straight out. I swear it's a close second to Kate Gosselin's bulging belly (which was 52"... I'll have to measure mine, but it sure feels close!). I have difficulty bending forward, shaving, putting on socks & shoes, and, well, I guess sitting in one spot.

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rachael said...

Good lord - you should've seen me pregnant with twins. When asked, I started telling people I was due "any day" when I was only six months along. I was H-U-G-E. Frighteningly huge. And I worked all the way to the end. I made Dude put my shoes and socks on me before I left the house and take them off me when I got home. Pathetic.