Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Too Hot to Handle

I wish I had something witty and humorous to say. It might just put me in a better mood. I wish I had something surly to say, at least it would mean my brain is functioning.

A pet peeve of mine is the "gotta complain about the weather" people. (As if we had any control!) But today I have joined their ranks. It's hot. And I mean HOT!

95 degrees.
45% humidity.
So it feels like 102 degrees.
There's currently one of those severe weather alerts that tells us to check on the elderly and make sure our pets don't overheat.

The air conditioner in the house went out.
The air conditioner in my car is not up to snuff (and we're going to the mall tonight in an attempt to cram my preggo bod into a dress that passes as 'Formal' for Friday's wedding).

Not only did I have to try to sleep in this heat (which wasn't succesful), and not only did I have to drive to work with the windows down, hot air lapping around my face, but the air in the office went out.

As in O-U-T!

As in my sweat is sweating. As in my head is spinning and I can't focus and I'm about to pass out. As in it's 90 degrees in our office and there isn't the slightest air movement.

I'm going to die.


I hate this weather.

(But I am looking forward to going home because the AC Repair Man fixed it today. As of 2:45pm my home was a cool 78 degrees.... I CAN'T WAIT!)

Oh - I lied. With the heat index it feels like 105 degrees. That's what the guy on the radio just announced....


rachael said...

When I was pretty pregs, I had to go to a wedding in San Francisco where all of my cool LA friends were going to be. Maternity formal dresses were all either too matronly and beyond dull or too expensive. I ended up looking in the regular dress section at Macy's and found an AWESOME dress. So many of the styles are full these days that they work well on a figure that has a basketball strapped to the front. I bought a size 14 (I'm typically a size 8 non-preg) and it was perfect. Just a suggestion...

Phoenix Rising said...

dress I got: from Macy's. A few sizes above the norm... and happened to be on killer sale! Although it wasn't floor length, it was past the knee. I'm pregnant and it's 100 degrees out -- it worked for me!