Friday, June 5, 2009

Cutting Costs

The amount of food consumed in our home each month is atronomical. Bean is a teen who can consume more food in a day than you can even imagine. Big V eats enough food to feed a third world country. Dotter prefers healthier stuff: apples, lettuce, cheese... which the other two could care less about, so I make sure I have enough of that on hand as well. As for me, well, I'm the mom, so I'm obligated to eat the food no one else likes.

One of the things I've done to cut costs for years is order food from Wisconsin SHARE, a food buying networking site that allows citizens to purchase a monthly menu of foods on line. (I love not having to move from my desk to place an order.) There's a distribution site right in my neighborhood, so once a month, on a Saturday between 10-10:30am (bonus! I can sleep in!) I run over, grab my box of food with my name on it, and run home.

The food is actually good. A lot of brands I haven't heard of, but a lot I have. In addition to the fresh produce and standard bone-in chicken, they have a lot of specials. We love the huge bag of frozen chicken nuggets. They have FLAVOR - which is good for a family with tastebuds. Some of the Score! items we've purchased was this ginornmous box of hot dogs, perfect for grilling. The cost came out to something rediculous like ten cents a dog for 80 dogs. Yes, I said 80.

We have a box of frozen breakfast sandwiches - comparable to the Egg McMuffin... which V throws a couple in the micro right before he heads out for the day. We've gotten huge bags of french toast strips, carne asada steak meat, brats, etc.

I'm sorry, I need to change the topic, my stomach is starting to growl.

Today I learned of a second food buying network site nearby which I'm thinking of ordering from as well, just to compare.

In case you're interested, here are the links:

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