Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Things That Annoy Me Regularly... (or, Things That Really Really Tick Me Off When I Feel Like Crap)

Seriously. I hear you. This office is small. It's not hard. Trust me, you need to learn volume control.

Answering your cell phone, and continuing the conversation, without ever moving an inch from standing in front of my desk, making ME feel like somehow I've inconvenienced YOU.

Pet Names.
Look, Lady, you seem like a grand person - but that doesn't mean I know you, nor does it make it okay for you to refer to me as "Honey," "Sweetie," "Sugar," or "Dear." Just don't.

Repeating everything I say.
For example: "It says here that I can build an accessory structure 15' tall... is that true?"
"Yes, the maximum height is fifteen feet."
"So, I can build it to be fifteen feet."
(Do you see how this could continue ad nauseum?)

People who walk in commenting about how I look like hell. Yes, I am aware of this. I also feel like hell, in case you're wondering, and really you should do your part in making this as painless for me as possible.

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