Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Low Rider

The running joke in our house right now is this: Big V glances over at me flirtatiously and asks in his oh-so-sultry voice, "So, how's your placenta?" And I smile and respond with, "Low lying."

The doctor told us that my placenta happens to be, well, lying low and covering my cervix. Not too big of a deal... The doctor further informed us that I should not be lifting heavy objects, exercising too much, or having rough sex. I assured her I rarely do any of these particular activities normally, much less while knocked up. I swear I caught V muttering under his breath something like, "I wish she would..." and I am most certain he just was commenting on the fact that I wouldn't be able to help him move the piano that was coming in a few days.

Speaking of the piano! I am SO EXCITED!!
We are now the proud owners of a small awesome sounding Starck upright. Originally I wanted a really old, really tall upright - but the truth is it would not have looked right in our home. This is the perfect piano for us. It was FREE for the taking - we were responsible for moving it (and since it was small no professional movers were required).

This is why I love small towns, one minute you're racing into WalMart, the next you've got the name and number of someone wanting to get rid of their piano.

It sounds so beautiful. The finish is starting to come off, so it needs a little TLC, but it's going to be wonderful! (Let's hope the dog doesn't chew it.)

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