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it was nice out... wasn't it?

Finally a weekend with weather worth hailing! As in "hailing in praise" not "hailing the size of golf balls" which at this point would not have surprised me. But no, it was actual, real, nice, sunny, warm weather. The kind that you picture yourself sitting on your front steps reading a book for hours while the kids race up and down the sidewalk. Ahh...

That is until you try to shove in a bridal shower, the Bean babysitting, Dotter complaining that she's bored and has no one to play with, twelve loads of laundry unearthed from the children's rooms, dishes that weren't done since Wednesday, a flooding window well, a quite unhelpful downspout requiring the drastic measure of digging a trench and burying drain tile, the Bean heading off to her dad's with the grand notion that she'll get HIM to take her to the mall to spend every last penny of the babysitting money she earned since I NEVER do anything for her. EVER.

The dog puked. A few times. In the house. Because she keeps feasting on grass. Speaking of which, the lawn guy I hired to cut the lawn has yet to show up and now it looks like we live in the middle of a hay field. I ran out of saline solution and the only way to get the contacts out was to take a trip to the 24-hour WalMart (the least of my favorite places at 9:45 at night). Bean complained about dinner because it was GROSS. Dotter sucked up over dinner and said it was the best EVER! Sibling Conflict #48 of the weekend broke out... and I ran to the safety of the basement under the guise of folding laundry and if anyone wanted to help they could feel free, otherwise their safety was in their own hands. (No one helped me, by the way.)

Big V complained that he was undercharging something on a job and believed that I must have the secret recollection in my memory of what was missing... and was completely frustrated when I couldn't figure out why on a $1200 job he could only come up with $1050 worth of fees and now he's just going to have to eat the difference because I can't help figure it out. The girls argued over who was going to take a shower first. Over who did more chores. Over who has more money saved in their bank account. The dog peed. A few times. In the house.

I lost yet another casserole dish. I'm beginning to think when the Bean doesn't feel like scrubbing she simply tosses glassware into the garbage. I am currently down a 9x13 clear casserole dish, an 8x8 white casserole dish, and a small clear mixing bowl. We ran out of Kool-aid and you would have thought the end of the world was announced. This required a special trip to the local Piggly Wiggly - which Big V gallantly announced HE would go and get because he could see I was really busy. So, while I put Kid 1 in one corner and Kid 2 in another he escaped to the glorious aisles of the grocery store, complete with piped in Muzak and the soft humming of flourescent lighting. I was so jealous.

Some special quotes of the weekend:

"Mom, I'm not sure if this is throw up or dog poop."
"All I need is a bra and no one will tell me where one is!"
"Who cares if ants get on it? It's not like it'll kill you."
"Why do you only cook us gross food?"

Needless to say, I'm going to enjoy the peace of the office this Monday morning....


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