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Showing posts from March 4, 2012

Things I've Been Doing Instead of Blogging

(1) I bought a house.
A small house. My very own small house. It is going to be absolutely beautiful and I cannot wait to share it with all with you.

(2) I watched Dotter compete in a pentathlon.
She swam. In five separate events. She (and we) spent (literally) all day in an incredibly loud confined space and she survived. Between events she hid in the locker room. I was worried about the noise. Oh, how she crumbles amongst the noises! And I worried about all the people. Oh, how she crumbles amongst all the people! And yet, she didn't. Not at all. And this made me so proud. My little girl. The one who needs her world structured just so is learning how to adapt in a world where it most assuredly is not so at all.

(3) We discovered Cletus has hearing loss.
We've been to a few doctors and have another upcoming appointment with a specialist in the city and we have a wonderful speech therapist involved. I've been down the speech therapy road with Dotter so I just needed a lit…