Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Nicole Hunn is about to save my taste buds. I hope.

I'm not going to lie. Gluten Free breads suck. Really bad. It sort of reminds me of gnawing on cow feed. Not that I would know what gnawing on cow feed actually tastes like but I'm pretty sure I'm close.

This weekend I attempted to make what sounded like a delicious cinnamon raison bread. I had to use yeast. I think that's what attributed to the cow feed taste. Anyway, it smelled warm and cozy and like a big yummy hug. Then it proceeded to sucker punch my taste buds. It was not good.

Then I made a gluten free chocolate cake and poured in an extra cup of semi-sweet chocolate morsels for good measure. It was heaven in a cake pan. Moist, gooey chocolate; except I'm having a hard time getting the lettuce and salami to stay on during lunch.

My point is I miss bread. I miss warm, soft, straight from the oven bread. I miss buttermilk biscuits and French loaves and garlic cheese bread and even that weirdly fascinating bread in a jar: I'm not kidding. It's bread. In a jar. Don't believe me? Check out THIS POST right here!

And so I have embarked on a quest to find the softest gluten free bread ever. No more dry, hard to chew bricks of nastiness. I want the bread from my gluten filled youth! (And by youth, I mean pre-October 2011.)

I typed in a quick Google search:  softest gluten free bread (because I am nothing if not obvious and logical) and 'lo and behold! a link to a post titled "Gluten-Free Japanese Milk Bread - the softest bread ever" written by Nicole Hunn over at Gluten Free on a Shoestring popped up. I don't know who Nicole is, but I'm hoping she is going to save my life and my taste buds.

No pressure, Nicole. No pressure at all. Except know that my entire happiness rests solely on the success of your recipe. (And whether or not I can whip up a Japanese Water Roux.)

* if anyone feels the desire to try this recipe out for themselves and then gleefully hand me a test loaf, I'd be more than happy to accept.


Tina, said...

My suggestion is to just add an extra dose of Chocolate morsels to what ever gluten free bread you make and I bet it will taste just fine.

Good luck

Anna said...

I know this comes a year late...but FYI:

I just made this for the first time and it was absolutely the best gluten free bread I have ever consumed or created. Very moist and fluffy!! Worth the effort!!

As for the flour blend, I used the "better than cup 4 cup" recipe that Nicole has posted on her blog.

I think my execution needs a little practice - my loaf split when I was turning it out for the last bit of baking. However, the loaf still tasted great and sliced up very well for sandwiches (1/4")

Good luck!