Wednesday, September 5, 2012

My Next House is Going to be a Studio Apartment so I Won't Have Expectations

If you haven't read The Forgotten Garden by Kate Morton, do it. You'll love it! Or you won't. But either way you'll procrastinate doing the laundry because it's kind of a long book.

Personally, I loved it. And not just because it gave me something to do that made me appear calm, cool and completely unaffected when I was otherwise seething at the ridiculousness of our remodeling project discussions, which is now being referred to as well, you're the one who wanted to buy the stupid house in the first place. (Because we're nothing if not mature and respectful during our discussions.)

That discussion usually leads to the well, maybe if I'm so stupid, perhaps I don't know how to make dinner and you'll just have to starve to death discussion. (Because we're nothing if not adult and can separate out our differences without holding irrational grudges.)

That usually leads to another discussion, and then to another, and after a few more turns we eventually find ourselves at Really?! So every single man in the entire U.S. of A leaves pieces of shaved facial hair all over the bathroom counters and every single woman is okay with it except for ME.  I just happen to be the only female in the entire population that is bothered by it! (Like you haven't gone there.)

So, being the good partner that I am, I have taken out three more books from the library in an effort to avoid any future discussions about electrical outlet spacing or whether or not we keep the bathroom sink or why the tile floor I picked out won't work because then we have to lift the clawfoot tub and it's a lot easier (and cheaper) to put in some vinyl... it's all too much and I'd do a lot better if I could just rip out the picture from the magazine and hand it to him and then he would build it. Because that's how my remodeling process goes.

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