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God Bless Your Celiac

Long story short: I've been diagnosed with Celiac Disease. And now I don't know what on earth I'm allowed to eat except eggs.

I'm more of what you'd call a silent sufferer because I don't really have any symptoms, per se -- I'm tired all the time (but I blame that on the kids) and I'm usually walking around with an upset stomach (which I've always blamed on stress and anxiety).

I would have totally put my money on colon cancer but the doctor said my colon looked beautiful -- (he really needs to get out more) -- except for the internal hemorrhoids. (Yes, I'm keeping them.)
[Side note: Dotter totally added my name to the prayer list at school. "Aww! That's so sweet! For what?" "For your celiac and hemorrhoids."]

Anyway, the upper endoscopy I had Monday showed I have something called Barrett's Esophagus as well as confirmed Celiac.

I was talked to today about the importance of adhering to a strict gluten free diet and provided a Forbidden Foods list which looked like it had everything in the world printed on it. Then there was a Safe Foods list and the only thing I recognized on it was eggs.

So, I guess I'm on an egg diet.

Don't sit too close to me.

Feel free to pool your monetary resources and send me a personal chef. Or maybe just print me off a realistic and simplistic menu of things I can eat besides eggs. Please, God, let cinnamon gummy bears be on that list.

I've searched the web and dude! Everything's so technical! I just want a simple school lunch menu kind of thing to start out with. If everything's out, then what's in? To everyone in the Celiac world already, how on earth did you maneuver through this without a PhD?


Johi said…
I'm so sorry. It sounded like you had a feeling that this was the case though. Blech.
The good news is, when you cut that all out of your diet you will feel tremendous and there is no way that you won't lose weight when all you are eating is kale and black beans.
Becca said…
Oh, too bad! But at least it is treatable and not colon cancer! Bring on the kale and black beans, I say! In fact, why don't you move here and hang out with me. My hippie town is totally gluten-free friendly and I think we'd make fun neighbors.
Shannon said…
I have a yummy recipe for baked kale chips. Delightful! :)
HeatherB said…
Okay, here is a link to a bunch of Gluten-Free goodies. I have tried a bunch of them and they really are good.

Also, she can help you make it on the cheap, because she scopes out all the coupons and stuff. Celiac disease is expensive I hear.

Anyway, thinking about you, I will probably not add your Celiac and hemorrhoids to my prayer list at church - but will be praying for you on my own.
Rebecca said…
"...the internal hemorrhoids. (Yes, I'm keeping them.)"

You make it sound like you just found a box full of kittens. What are you going to name them?
HA! Box full of kittens! Becca, you crack me up. Seriously though. As if cooking isn't enough of a job. But, like you, I'm a blog addict, so check this one out if you're looking for recipe ideas:
I will send you any easy, awesome, yummy, gluten-free recipe links I have or find.
FabBecky said…
At least you know what it is right? - all of her stuff is easy, tasty, can be really cheap, and is totally gluten free because one of her kids has Celiac. And it is ALL in the crockpot/slow cooker. Super easy/awesome :)
Getrealmommy said…
Oh holy he'll I am sorry. Just don't also decide to become vegan on top of it, like my husbands aunt and uncle. Having them over for dinner was fun. Carrots anyone? Rice noodles? Seriously glad it is treatable. Good luck!
Greg said…
These look good also...
Nicole said…
Wow - THIS is super coincidental. I randomly stumbled onto your blog through 'Let Me Start by Saying' today.

My husband AND my (now) 4 year old son were diagnosed with Celiac 16 months ago. Life. Changing.... not gonna lie.

I'll put it to you this way: You're going to have to re-learn how to eat and how to cook. It's going to be hard sometimes - that's just the reality of the situation. But, here's where it gets better - there's a TON that you can still eat! Meat, eggs, fruit, veggies, and nuts, for starters.

There's also a TON of products/companies that have finally gotten a little smarter and either marked their products with 'Gluten Free!' or changed formulations and THEN marked them as 'Gluten Free!' (yay!!!!) You've got Chex cereal, Cocoa and Fruity Pebbles, most of the fruit snacks and yogurts... You just have to adjust and/or replace the 'bad' things.

What are the bad things? Wheat, barley, rye and 'malted' anything are the most common. So, what do you do? First you get used to 'bread-y' things being treats (sorry). Second, you go on Amazon and search for gluten free things in their grocery department. You can get bread mixes, cookie mixes, brownie mixes, cornbread mixes, boxed mac & cheese, canned chicken noodle soup and cream of mushroom soup, GF flours, candies, cookies, crackers, pastas... really, there's nothing that you're NEVER going to be able to eat again - you'll just have to change the ingredients and the process a bit. Oh, a do a search for 'Gluten Free blogs' - there are some really great ones out there!

It's totally going to be fine - I promise. And, I bet you see improvements in how you feel REALLY quickly, which will make it easier when you're feeling frustrated.

Good luck!! Feel free to let me know if you have any questions... I'd love to help. :-)
Anonymous said…
HI. well hey look at it this way: at least you know what's wrong now and you can fix it. my brother has celiac disease and i tried a gluten-free diet for four months for my migraines (didn't work but now we know it *is* possible to live w/out wheat while *not* buying all processed gluten-free stuff). holly figured out some great gluten-free recipes (of course i made her cook for me, duh!), so if you're interested give me a shout and she can tell you all about it.

also: i am BACK and blogging again. i went MIA for a bit but i'm back and w/plenty of ridiculousness to share ;)

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