Thursday, October 6, 2011

Another Quality Conversation with the Teen

Our house is not pretty. In fact, it's pretty plain and boring. A single story ranch with ugly brown trim. It wasn't even brown, really. More like the color of rust. The ugly brown trim was peeling paint which made it look even worse. In fact, that's how I gave directions: we're the corner house with ugly brown trim. They always found us.

We updated the trim to a more neutral, less gaudy color and added shutters for some aesthetic appeal. (Window boxes will be next, if I can figure out where to get decent ones for under $200 a piece.) Not huge changes, I'll admit, but surely noticeable, one would think.


(you cannot imagine how much I dislike
those wires on the side of the house)

Bean, you haven't said anything about the house.

What about the house?

The outside.

What about the outside?

What? Go out and look at it.  [forces teenager outside]



Well what?

Do you like it?

Umm.... yeah.

The color. It's a new color. That's why that guy with the big painting van was parked outside our house.

Oh. OH! Yeah, I like it. It's nice.

Thank you. What about the shutters?

Umm.... they look exactly the same.

Exactly the same as what?

As the ones we had before.

We didn't have shutters before.

We didn't have shutters?

No, we did not have shutters.

Are you sure? I swear we had shutters.

No, we did not have shutters.

Oh. Well they look nice.

You don't see a difference, do you?

Not really. But in my defense it's not like I walk around staring at the outside of people's houses all day.

* I would post a picture of the actual front of the house, except that would mean remembering to take a picture of the actual front of the house. And it's not like I walk around taking pictures of the front of people's houses all day.


Meg said...

I think that shade of brown is much less eye-bleeding.
It looks nice!

HeatherB said...

I love teen speak. You are a great parent because she is still alive. Just keep telling yourself that...

Tina, said...

BWAHHHAAAAAAA! Like nailing jello to a tree!

I do have one question...if she has no idea what your house looks like, how does she make it home on her own? You may consider never letting her leave the house alone ever again.

wv: elahu

Becca said...

It looks fantastic! Teenagers are funny. Four year olds, on the other hand, notice EVERYLITTLETHING and have to point it out on repeat until you acknowledge them. You really can't win!

Allie said...

The house looks great! The small changes really make a huge difference. By the time I'm ready to have kids, I'm just going to hope there is some kind of teenager-to-baby exchange program I can partake in.

Allie said...

Oh, and I should add that when I was 13 it took me TWO MONTHS to realize my parents had given away our two cats. They were indoor cats.

Johi said...

I love the make-over!

Getrealmommy said...

I see an improvement as well! Congrats!