Monday, August 22, 2011

My Weekend in Four Photos

Big V and I went to Olive Garden for my birthday.
If I convince you of nothing else in your life, let it be this: 
Go right now to the Olive Garden.
Order the Chianti Braised Short Ribs with Mushroom Risotto.

I wandered around the book store.
Big V wandered half a millimeter behind me.
"Do you want this book?"
"What about this one?"
"This one looks good."
He was in a hurry.
To leave.

Children are like an optical illusion.
See, he's cute here.
But not so cute when I came across the wads of yogurt
he dumped on the living room rug.


His new favorite toy: the plastic wine glass.
He even took it to bed with him at nap time.
I'd say that's his mother's influence.


Tina, said...

The Art of Racing in the Rain is a great book. Have you read A Dog's Purpose by W. Bruce Cameron, excellent book!

wv: hypiar

Johi said...

Looks like a great b-day! Cletus is precious!
I agree with Tina on the book. Loved it.