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There is nothing as important to this world we live in, than the shared creative talents of those who reside here. I believe that everyone has a talent and you owe it to yourself, as well as to the world, to explore that talent and share it. Erma Bombeck explained it best when she said, "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, 'I used everything you gave me.' " 

That's why I get so giddy and spasticly excited when I see someone stepping up and taking charge of their talents. I want to jump around and shout out to everyone that will listen, "You have got to check this out!"

Today's shout out goes to my good friend, Melissa, of Melissa Reed Photography.

Doesn't she look like she belongs in Africa shooting
wildlife? I want her to go so I can be her assistant.

As you know, I am a big fan of taking pictures. I like documenting everything around me - probably because I live in fast forward and things happen so quickly they're replaced by the next great and funny thing almost instantaneously. It's like Christmas flipping through my photos, oh! I forgot Becky did the running man in the middle of the mall! I love her! Anyway, my skills truly are of the Point & Click variety. Meaning every photo is taken at eye level just as seen through my very own eyes. They serve their purpose. I can create witty commentary to liven them up. But they aren't art.

Now, Melissa. She's an artist. If I wasn't so afraid of copyright infringement law I'd post a bunch of her pictures on my page, but I'm scared of prison - even federal prison. Is copyright infringement a federal crime? Would I be able to knit a shawl in federal prison? I don't know but I'm not willing to find out. I like my down comforter and I'm not running the risk of giving it up while I serve time in jail. Plus I love movie theater popcorn. I bet they don't serve that in jail either. So, you're just going to have to follow THIS SUPER COOL LINK to Melissa's page and see for yourself just how truly talented she is.

I was lucky enough to secure a photo shoot with Ms. Reed for my oldest daughter's birthday. While Ms. Reed was shooting the Bean, I was shooting Ms. Reed. (I can be oh-so-sneaky like that. That's why they call me Stealthy McGee. Yeah, I know. Not really.)

I couldn't even hold that camera. It is huge. And heavy. And expensive. And I'm somewhat of a walking liability so I stayed far, far away.

I love this picture because it's daring. Let's be honest. I wouldn't be sitting so casually on railroad tracks. Ever. I've watched Stand By Me one too many times and it's left a lasting impression on me about trains. And train tracks. And people named Ace or Eyeball.

Melissa is talented and fun and it truly was a pleasure spending the afternoon with her. Bean loves her. I love her. (She drinks wine. And you know me - I love me my wine drinkin' friends!) I recommend taking a break from whatever it is you're doing (obviously you have time... you're reading my blog, y'all!) and flipping through her pictures on her website because you will fall in love with her art. Recently she participated in Scott Kelby's Annual Photowalk in Madison, Wisconsin, where basically these fantastic, uber-talented photographers walk around the city capturing everyday sights. As I looked through Melissa's pictures I found myself not just seeing a building, or person walking - but I became mesmorized by the sounds and smells coming from the picture. I could feel the glass in a building just by seeing it - it was as if her pictures were coming to life right before my eyes. Now, to me, that is a true and amazing artist.

I'm just trying to find a way to keep her all to myself so she'll become my personal photographer. Shoot everything around me and show me what I'm missing. Because when I see what she's captured I realize I'm missing so much of the world around me. And that is the exact reason why there is nothing as important to the world we live in, than the shared creative talents of those who reside here... to allow us to see, to allow us to appreciate. And Melissa Reed is truly someone I appreciate for her talent, for her creativity, and for her courage to explore her talent and share it with the world. And also because she'll drink wine with me for hours and make me laugh so hard I'll have to pee. (Darn that third baby bladder weakness.)


Team Baribeau said…
So ... does she travel?

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