Thursday, December 3, 2009

What's the exchange rate?

I was invited to a cookie exchange tonight. Since I don’t bake, I’m sure you understand the heart palpitations caused by the mere mention of something as scary as this. I am being asked not only to bake a holiday treat that can be packaged in quantities of twelve, but I must do this with the understanding that several people will bring my packages of baked goodness home, where their loved ones will actually attempt to eat them. This can not end good, people.

I found a recipe that looked easy enough called Almond Shortbread. I’m a big fan of Walker’s Shortbread and an even bigger fan of almond paste. Call me crazy, but I think this is a winning combination. Although I was tempted to simply spread the paste straight on to an existing Walker, in the spirit of Christmas I figured I’d at least try the recipe. It seemed easy enough: throw a bunch of ingredients together, mix it up and toss it in the oven. After the “light golden brown” was adequately acquired I removed the pan from the oven to let cool on little wire racks. (Are you impressed I actually own little wire racks? I know I was.)

But before I get too comfortable in my accomplishments I realize there is a lot more to do… and many more options in the “what could go horribly wrong” category. I need to cut up these little guys, package them, deliver them, and wait to see if I get charged with attempted murder.

I’m sure the experienced exchangers will have cutesy little packages filled with gourmet flavored seasonal goodness and tied with a festive bow a la Martha Stewart; I’m just tossing mine in Ziploc baggies with my attorney’s business card tucked in.

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sue said...

hahaha!! you crack me up! i'm sure they were tasty...i think next year we need a sample tray. :)