Friday, December 11, 2009

Just a little fun.

Tonight's performance signals the halfway mark of this season's production of Home for the Holidays: A Christmas Musical. Oh yes, InterPeople, I am in a show less than three months after giving birth. (I wasn't planning on it; the original actress bailed last minute. I rehearsed three times before we opened. Two of those rehearsals didn't count because half the people couldn't make it.) Only six more shows to go!

It's sort of like Groundhog Day except only for a couple hours. We joke that we like to keep things "fresh" -- this simply means we like to "do things on stage that will hopefully cause the other actors to break character."

I'm winning.

I just knew my sarcastic wit and humor would come in handy! I throw things in all over the place but I am nice about it. I usually throw something at someone who isn't really part of the scene. That way they don't have to really respond... they just can't laugh. (Random things I've said: "My father was a boyscout." And "I find instructional videos quite effective. That's how I learned to polka." Doesn't mean much here, but trust me, it was FUNNY!) I almost broke a girl last weekend. We'll see what I can pull of this weekend! Although, the guy playing the gayest gay Christmas caroler EVER had me just about busting a gut last show.

We might look like innocent professional actors, but you never know what's going on up on that stage.

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