Tuesday, December 15, 2009

All I Want For Christmas...

The actual Christmas Lists from the girls:

Good Christmas Gift Ideas for Dotter

1. Bob It [Bop It]
2. Alarm Clock (pink one)
3. Are family to have a good Christmas
4. Workout Station
5. Baby hamstir (rill one) [real one]
6. Bunk bed (blue one on budum [bottom] and pink on top)
7. Easy back oven [Easy Bake Oven]
8. mini fridge
9. mini frezzer [freezer]
10. Bathroom in my room.
11. Squeashy brushes [squishy hair brushes]
12. The new barbie house!!!!!
13. American Girl Doll Book: Smart Girls Guide to Saving Money
14. Movie Board that has "ACTION" on it.
15. Zue Zue Pets (any kind) [Zhu Zhu Pets]
16. Barbarque chips
17. Mor mermades (the new ones) [More Mermaids]
18. Mind Flexs!!!
19. CD Player for Dotter. Only Dotter.
20. Karoake CDs
21. A new DS
22. New games for my DS.

Jelly Bean's xmas list:

*Illumina 2 sided lighted make-up mirror (Conair)
* Gift card to Sally Hansen (Sally Beauty Supply)
*Fantasy by Brittney Spears
*Money (to spend on a hair appt.)

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