Monday, December 21, 2009

The Naughty List

There is this wonderful website called Portable North Pole that helps Santa connect with children. Answer a few questions and a video link is sent to your email that you and your child can watch together.

Cutest thing ever! And, yes, Dotter got one this weekend! She's been questionsing a lot lately (thanks to those unbelievers at school), but there was no denying Santa's existance after this video. (Santa just knew too much.)

"Where's Jelly Bean's?"

What? Jelly Bean needed a video, too? Crap.

So I snuck back to the computer to answer a few questions.... to add to the fun I put her on the naughty list. Laughing my way back to the living room I waited for the Bean to notice her new mail notification inbetween her constant instant messaging. Finally she cooperated and, for the sake of Dotter, exclaimed with great excitement: "Mom! I got a video from Santa, too! Come watch! Come watch!" (A bit forced, I'll admit, but it drew Dotter to her side in half a second.)

I couldn't stop giggling as Santa pointed out that the Bean's constant cell phone usage and lack of helping around the house was earning her a spot on his undesired Naughty List. The Bean gave me a look of, "Thanks, Mom. Only you would do something this dorky." Dotter was, well, quiet.

Hours later, when I returned home from my show, I tiptoed past Dotter's room only to hear her ask, "Mom? Is that you? I really need to talk to you."

"Honey, it's almost eleven o'clock. You should be sleeping."

"I know, but this is important."

"Okay. What do you need?"

That's when I noticed the tears welling up in her eyes. "Mom, what if Jelly Bean doesn't get a present from Santa?"


"You have to write Santa and tell him Jelly Bean isn't that bad all the time. What if she doesn't get a present from him? You have to write him, Mom!"

And so it is that I will be composing a letter to Santa Claus this very day to explain to him that the Bean deserves a gift as well. I figure the stamp is cheaper than the therapy Dotter's going to need if her sister doesn't get a gift from Santa on Christmas morning.

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