Friday, August 24, 2012

More Texts from the Teen. With Pictures.

Text From Teen: You know what song I'm obsessed with that you probably know cause its from back in the day?

Me: We Built This City by Starship?

Text From Teen: Nope. You Make My Dreams Come True by Hall and Oates!

Me: Oh.

Text From Teen:
My new obsession? You can bet your a$$ they are!


Text From Teen: Your boyfriend is here at the beach. He can be so embarrassing sometimes.

Disclaimer: this guy is NOT my boyfriend.


Text From Teen: Did you know at least 14 people get raped by dolphins each year?

Me: Can't you just say Hi Mom! I Love You! like normal kids?

Text From Teen:
It's real mom. It's very real.



Chiconky said...

I kind of love your kid. If my mom could figure out texting I'd totally send her the dolphin rape picture right now.

Tina, said...

LOL! your daughter is the best when it comes to texts. Whenever The Boy says he is going somewhere I text him a random photo of something (like a rubber duck) and say, "It's dangerous to go alone, here take this."

Heather Bush said...

Because of the texts from your teen, I am impatiently waiting for the Supergirl to learn to spell. Love this!

mistyslaws said...

Oh my god, the pic of that guy in the US swim suit!! Love it!

And really, don't deny your love. How on earth could you resist that specimen of man. You are only human. ;)